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Task Forces

The President has created four Task Forces – and the Governing Council has added a fifth – to consider questions and discussions arising from "Towards 2030: Planning for a Third Century of Excellence at the University of Toronto."

The five Task Forces will address:

Long-term Enrolment Strategy
Institutional Organization
University Resources
University Relations and Context
University Governance

Over the next several months, the Task Forces will invite submissions from experts and the community alike. Early in 2008, they will report to the President who will prepare a synthesis document bringing together the Task Forces' findings and recommendations.

In general, each Task Force will be asked to:

Each task force is asked to:

  • Consider applicable goals for the institution or relevant components thereof
  • Delineate and defend a set of preferred goals applicable to their respective Task Forces for 2030 and beyond
  • Examine long-term strategies to achieve those goals
  • Recommend a limited range of goals and practical strategies for achieving those goals
  • Consider what are the best set of long-term objectives to adopt in response to those forces shaping the institution and our own traditions/values 

Cross-cutting themes for prioritization:

  • Enhancement of our students’ experiences
  • Nature of three campus system and its future
  • Strengthening our education & research missions
  • Improving the quality of our working environment
  • Responding to internationalization as shaping all institutions

The work of the Task Forces will be guided by the President's 2030 Task Force Framing Statement and their Terms of Reference.

Note that the membership of the Task Force on Governance and its Terms of Reference were approved by the Governing Council at its meeting on October 30, 2007.