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Task Force on University Relations & Context


  • Alice Dong - Chair
  • Judith Wolfson - Vice Chair
  • Ulli Krull, Suzanne Stevenson, Meric Gertler, Louise Cowin, Coralie D’Souza, Yves Roberge, David Palmer, Marilynn Booth, Susan Eng, Franco Vaccarino


Included in the scope of this group:

  1. Will promote Public and Stakeholder engagement with the planning process
  2. Focus on perspective of those who participate in and benefit from post-secondary education
  3. Consider HR needs for society and the modern economy
  4. What should our students know if they are to thrive in the generations ahead?
  5. Will examine ways to promote and engage University’s role in leadership/stewardship of ideas, as well as knowledge transfer



Submissions & Questions

Please send your submissions & questions to the University Relations and Context Task Force: