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Task Force on Institutional Organization


  • Elizabeth Vosburgh - Chair
  • Angela Hildyard - Vice Chair
  • Jonathan Freedman, Doug Reeve, Louise Lemieux-Charles, Corey Goldman, Horatio Bot, Ken Davy, Derek Allen, Bill Gough, Ian Orchard


Included in the scope of this group:

  1. Two key foci: Administrative and governance issues unique to tri-campus structure, and administrative challenges unique to St. George campus given complexity and Colleges/Federated Universities
  2. Consider principled framework for disciplinary differentiation
  3. Program delivery options (include pedagogical approach, online delivery, delivery with other colleges and universities, etc.)
  4. A ‘Who does what?’ exercise 
  5. Will consider modularization of administrative functions across small divisions and efficiency of large divisions on St. George
  6. Particular attention to role of Colleges and Federated Universities



Submissions & Questions

Please send your submissions & questions to the Institutional Organization Task Force: