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Message from the president

Dear Members and Friends of the University of Toronto Community...

In 2027 the University of Toronto will celebrate two hundred years of institutional success. Looking to and beyond our second centennial, how can we ensure that our institution reaches new levels of excellence?

"Towards 2030" is an initiative launched to respond to that question. Back in June, I released a discussion paper entitled “Towards 2030:

Planning for a Third Century of Excellence at the University of Toronto”. The paper has seen thousands of downloads from over 300 cities around the world. The Provost and I have conducted more than 30 presentations across campus and we have received scores of pages of feedback.

I have been delighted by the response and I very much appreciate the many thoughtful comments and the excellent feedback I have received both online and at the various presentations. It has been extremely helpful.

We now are embarking upon the second phase of the process. Five Task Forces have been established to consider issues and questions arising out of the community’s consideration of the discussion paper.

These Task Forces will host a series of consultations over the next few months, inviting written submissions from experts and the community alike. I invite you to participate, to make formal submissions or to send informal questions, either on your own or as part of a larger group.

This website contains individual webpages for each Task Force and collects together a variety of information – from presentations to process notes. I encourage you to get involved and I look forward to engaging in the discussion.

Best wishes,

David Naylor