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Towards 2030 Task Forces 

Call for Written Submissions

The Towards 2030 strategic planning initiative commences its second phase with the launch of 5 Task Forces. Over the next few months, these Task Forces will host a series of consultations on themes arising from the community’s engagement with the Towards 2030 Planning Document.

Accordingly, the Task Force Chairs and Vice-Chairs invite direct written submissions and questions from interested individuals and groups from across the broad University community.

Please address your material to one or more of the following Task Forces:

Task Force on Long-Term Enrolment

  • Target enrolment scenarios for each campus
  • Mix & balance by campus
  • Graduate vs undergraduate balance
  • Types of degrees (e.g. professional masters vs doctoral stream)
  • Sources of students and recruitment strategies
  • Breadth of disciplines across the institution

Task Force on Institutional

  • Two key foci: Administrative and governance issues unique to tri-campus structure, and administrative challenges unique to St. George campus given complexity and Colleges/Federated Universities
  • Consider principled framework for disciplinary differentiation
  • Program delivery options (include pedagogical approach, online delivery, delivery with other colleges and universities, etc.)
  • A ‘Who does what?’ exercise 
  • Will consider modularization of administrative functions across small divisions and efficiency of large divisions on St. George
  • Particular attention to role of Colleges and Federated Universities

Task Force on University

  • More than fees and grants
  • Sourcing of revenues and management of assets
  • Infrastructure renewal
  • Partnerships: Capital projects with private partners, etc.
  • Human Resources - ‘Human Capital Strategy’, including compensation and benefits

Task Force on University

  • University-wide Governance focus
  • Who does what between the ‘Centre’ and the divisions, including the East and West campus councils
  • Approval levels within Central Governance
  • Size of Governing Council, Boards and Committees

Task Force on University Relations and

  • Will promote Public and Stakeholder engagement with the planning process
  • Focus on perspective of those who participate in and benefit from post-secondary education
  • Consider HR needs for society and the modern economy
  • What should our students know if they are to thrive in the generations ahead?
  • Will examine ways to promote and engage University’s role in leadership/stewardship of ideas, as well as knowledge transfer

Please contact the individual Task Forces directly for information on formats, deadlines and schedules. Further updates will also be available from this website.